Don't Feed The Animals

by One Large Banana

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[From the original promo]

Grahamstown band One Large Banana left their little town in September 1997, braved Jo’burg and came out with a smashing EP.

The recording was made over a period of five days at Sharp Street Studios with producer Willem Moller. The result is an absorbing EP of an exceptionally high standard, particularly for an unsigned band’s first recording.

One of the tracks included is “Leave this Town” which went to number 1 on RMR during the National Arts Festival off a previously recorded demo tape. “Leave this Town” received national airplay for the first time on 5FM Music Radio on the 28th November 1997.
The CD features six of the band’s best songs from their early repetoire.

“The songs are all quite different, but in another way very similar” they say, “It’s a question of producing variety without losing track of the banana sound.”

What sound does a banana make exactly? To find out, make sure you pick yourself up a copy of One Large Banana’s “Don’t Feed the Animals”


released September 30, 1997

Jo Edward, Guitar & Vocals
Brett Lock, Bass
John Taylor, Guitar
Gareth Sweetman, Drums

Willem Moller: Producer



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One Large Banana Grahamstown, South Africa

One Large Banana were a South African band from Grahamstown active in the late 1990s. This page is to archive their music and make it available.

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Track Name: Leave This Town
Leave this Town

I've had enough
I've had enough of the things that you say
‘Cause it's been rough
It's been rough on my pride to give way
The things you do
‘Cause the things you do are confusing
The things you say
If life is a game I'm losing

Leave this town, behind
Leave this town, alright
Leave this town
Get outta my mind
Get outta my mind

I'll pack my bags
I'll pack my bags and leave on a train
I'll take what I can
Take what I can, I can't take the pain
‘Cause the things you do
‘Cause the things you do are confusing
The things you say
If life is a game I'm losing

So don't take it so hard
I'll send a postcard
Gonna leave this town
Get outta my mind
Get outta my mind
Track Name: Going Home
Going Home

Saturday night and I went to a party
And I met someone who knew my name
I said "What about you and me baby?"
She said a while back I felt the same

Now I've been away and I've been traveling
I’ve been around and around the world
left my number in several territories
and now I’m tired and I’m going home

Going home
Going home
I... Going home

Sometimes it seems the days are getting longer
but it’s just that there’s more that we’ve been through
Saturday night never as good as Sunday morning
Waking up, here with you

Going home…..
Track Name: Changing Blues
Changing Blues

A thousand points of light
Set to confuse
Flashing in the distance
The sign says I lose
But I can't pin down
The pain in my soul
When every solid word
Is covering a hole

I'm just sailing around, floating free
I need solid ground beneath me
I look at the stars
They shift and move
I’ve still got the same changing blues

The path winds away
The distance blurs
I see the night just following the day
So spectacular
But I find no truth
In the never ending quest
One will never catch the other
One will never be best

I want to chase you up and tie you down
I want to give you a cup and force you to drown
Drink deeply while you can

‘Cause I'm in a river of time
I float up and down
Next thing you know you'll look up and
I won't be around
I'll be on the next cloud
I'll be floating away
I'll always move along
Look for the brighter day
Track Name: Cry

I know it’s hard for you to remember
I know it’s hard for you to begin
since we’re sitting here and we’ve
turned the lights down low and we’ve
crushed the cap of the J&B and there’s
no place else to go
We may as well open up to each other
we may as well invite each other in
It’s warm in here; you sense a need
for protection
its warm in here; you’ve learned
your lesson well
So if you don’t let me in any further
I will understand
It’s just that you don’t want to be a man
uh huh, and men don’t cry like babies
I will hold your hand
You’ll be my - you’ll be my
baby man

Hold me close, I will get the message
hold me close, we will dance for a while
Isn’t that peculiar, we can always make ends meet
I’ll slip on my happy face and we’ll never miss a beat
Isn’t that your favourite song on the radio
Isn’t that a guarantee of a smile
It’s cold in here; you’re afraid of rejection
It’s cold in here; your nerves are wearing thin
Hold on to me - I will hold your hand
You’ll be my - you’ll be my
baby man
Track Name: Petrified

Happy little circumstance
That you would take your chances
With me
With me
So freely

You always made such sense
You always made the difference
To me
To me
So freely

So much influence
So much influence
Over me
Over me
It's really scary

I'm losing grip I'm floating away
You don't even hear me when I say
To you
I'm fading

I'm losing grip I'm right out of touch
You don't even know I miss you so much
Oh no
I'm fading

Frightened of me
Frightened of you
Frightened of us
Frightened of us
Scared of the rush
Almost as much

It's really scary , there's...
Track Name: If I
If I (Things I need to hear)

I touched her hand so very lightly
I felt her tremble oh so slightly
A very disconcerting feeling
Just one touch and I was kneeling

If I only knew her name
If I only felt the same
If I felt when she were near
If I only felt that fear
There must be a way
For me to get her to say
The things I need to hear
When I look at her
I smile

And when she moves she moves so lightly
And when she talks she talks so quietly
I asked her name of her so nicely
She wouldn't tell me that precisely

If I...

Oh I’ve got terminal philosophy